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Black Hat SEO and the New LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn Black Hat SEO keyword stuffingBy Gloria Rand
If you’ve read any of my blog articles on LinkedIn, you know that I stress the importance of using keywords in your profile. Including keywords in your headline and summary, in particular, will help anyone searching on LinkedIn to find you. Continue reading “Black Hat SEO and the New LinkedIn Profile”


How to Choose an Email Marketing Company

Email marketing By Gloria Rand

One of the first things entrepreneurs and small business owners must decide when launching their business is which email marketing company to use. There are a multitude of companies out there – with different features and price-points. Luckily, most will allow you to start with a free trial, so you can test the service out for yourself before you commit to spending any money. Continue reading


Remembering Black Friday 25 Years Later

Black Friday 1987 Heard on the radio today that it’s the 25th anniversary of the Black Friday stock market crash. This event holds special meaning for me because I was working for the Miami public TV station WPBT at the time, as the Electronic News Systems Operator for their business news program, The Nightly Business Report. Continue reading


SEMrush Facebook Tool Lets You Review Rival Ads

Many small business owners are reluctant to invest in Facebook ads because they aren’t convinced the ads will generate a good ROI for the money spent. Advertising is not an easy task to undertake. It’s difficult to understand what ad will resonate with your target audience. That’s why it’s best to run more than one ad, so you can test the copy, and the image, to see what performs best. Continue reading


Facebook Ad Creation Made Easy

Facebook adIf you’re interested in running Facebook ads, but are confused about how to do it, help is coming soon. A recent Techcruch article says Facebook is testing a redesign of its ad creator tool that will help advertisers build their campaigns — specifically by helping them find the right mix of Facebook ads and Sponsored Stories to achieve their stated objectives. Continue reading…


Facebook Page Admins Can Now Pay to Promote Posts

Are you willing to pay $$ to enable more of your Facebook fans to see your posts? If you have more than 400 fans, you now have that option. Only about 16% of fans ever see the posts from a Facebook page in their news feed. So, if you have some important information to share with your fans, such as a contest, special offer or event, paying to promote those posts might be cost effective. Continue reading…


Pay To “Highlight” Your Facebook Status Updates To More Friends – A Reckless New Ads Test

What a crazy way to appease Wall Street investors. Hope we don’t see this test in the states. If something is so important that you want to make sure your friends know about it, how about using that old standby the telephone? Or email? I can’t imagine anyone wanting to pay to “highlight” status updates for their friends – unless they are a business person with 1000s of subscribers! Then again, I could be wrong. What do you think?


Big Brands Taking Over Twitter, Facebook at Expense of Small Biz?

Is it just me, or does it seem like Twitter and Facebook are squeezing the small business owner out of their networks as they chase ad revenues from companies like American Express, Nike and Coca-Cola?

I think Facebook’s recent addition of timeline for pages, and some new premium advertising platforms, that guarantee news feed distribution for up to 75 percent of a page’s fans, are going to benefit big brands because they have the deep pockets to sustain an ad campaign.

Continue reading…