Facebook Ad Creation Made Easy

Facebook adIf you’re interested in running Facebook ads, but are confused about how to do it, help is coming soon. A recent Techcruch article says Facebook is testing a redesign of its ad creator tool that will help advertisers build their campaigns — specifically by helping them find the right mix of Facebook ads and Sponsored Stories to achieve their stated objectives.

Facebook’s self-serve tool will start out by specifying what an advertiser hopes to accomplish with a given campaign, whether it’s specifically getting more Page likes or promoting Page posts (they can also take a more nuanced approach by choosing “advanced options”). Once advertisers have identified their goal, the ad creator will recommend a combination of ads and Sponsored Stories to achieve that objective.

Facebook has already begun tweaking its ad creator. When you access Ads Manager, you’re given the option of choosing a Facebook page, event or other URL as the destination for the ad. If you’re promoting a page, you are then given the option to promote a specific post on the page, instead of the page itself.

Facebook ad or sponsored post

Finally, you can choose what people will see – just the post, or stories about their friends liking the selected.ad.

Facebook ad preview

If you choose to promote your page, Facebook will automatically use the text from your About section as the ad copy. You can always change the copy if you need to tweak it.

Do you think these changes will make you want to try running a Facebook ad? Please comment below!