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2013 – The Year of the Video

2013 – The Year of the Video Did you know that video is the fastest-growing digital content category? Join social media expert Mari Smith for this FREE webinar on January 24th @ 2 pm ET and learn how to monetize your video efforts!! Advertisements

Black Hat SEO and the New LinkedIn Profile

Black Hat SEO and the New LinkedIn Profile

By Gloria Rand If you’ve read any of my blog articles on LinkedIn, you know that I stress the importance of using keywords in your profile. Including keywords in your headline and summary, in particular, will help anyone searching on LinkedIn to find you.

How Social Media is Affecting the Travel Industry (infographic)

Travel marketers should be aware of the tremendous impact social media and the Internet, in general, is having on their industry. Having recently completed a major trip for my family’s summer vacation, I can attest to that. I booked my hotel stays online, have shared pictures on Facebook and even published a restaurant review on … Continue reading

Best Tips for Marketing with Twitter

Twitter seems very confusing to a lot of small business owners. But there are ways to successfully market your products and services to your followers. Here are some tips to get you started:

How to Engage Your Online Audience – The Fan Factor

Many business owners find social media challenging because they don’t see how to make money off of it. There’s no immediate return on investment. And as a result, many are quick to give up. But if they would just be patient, the rewards can be great. The key to making money online, especially through social … Continue reading