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SEMrush Blog | How to Get Leads with Google+

SEMrush Blog | How to Get Leads with Google+

I’ve been reluctant to use Google+ as a marketing platform for my business, let alone encourage my clients to get on there. But I’m warming up to the site now, as you’ll see in my guest post for the SEMrush blog. Click the link to read it: SEMrush Blog | How to Get Leads with … Continue reading

SEMrush Facebook Tool Lets You Review Rival Ads

Many small business owners are reluctant to invest in Facebook ads because they aren’t convinced the ads will generate a good ROI for the money spent. Advertising is not an easy task to undertake. It’s difficult to understand what ad will resonate with your target audience. That’s why it’s best to run more than one … Continue reading

SEMrush GEO Location Service

by Kerin Foster The already numerous capabilities of SEMrush and SEOQuake are being expanded upon, now from a geographic standpoint. Through the use of their newest product SEMrush GEO, businesses can now uncover prospective clientele who are not only local to them, but who are also currently spending valuable marketing dollars.

My Top 5 Free Keyword Research Tools

[tweetmeme]By Gloria Rand Getting your website, blog or social media posts found online depends on implementing a successful search engine optimization strategy. And the first step in launching any SEO program starts with keyword research. Once you come up with a list of words that you think people are using to search for your product … Continue reading