3 Ways LinkedIn Benefits the Hospitality Industry

LinkedIn Hospitality IndustryBy Gloria Rand

If the recent economic slowdown has taught the hospitality industry anything, it’s that taking advantage of every low cost marketing tool available is essential if you want to keep your hotel rooms filled. One of the best tools for accomplishing that is the social networking site, LinkedIn. Continue reading


3 Reasons Why You Should be Using LinkedIn Groups

LinkedInDo you belong to any LinkedIn Groups? If you do, when is the last time you participated in one? By participating, I don’t mean that you shared your latest blog article in a group, or posted the link to your newest webinar. I’m talking about taking the time to read through other people’s posts and commenting on them, and providing useful information. If you’re not doing that, you should start and here are 3 reasons why: Continue reading…


3 Ways a Hotel Can Ensure Repeat Business

I attended a speaking workshop recently in Hutchinson Island, Florida, hosted by AmondaRose Igoe, of HighPerformanceSpeaking.com. The workshop was great; I learned some terrific tips about how to create a presentation and use it as a sales tool for your business.

Not only was the location awesome – anytime I can be near the ocean, I am a happy camper – but the added bonus was the service I received at the hotel that hosted the workshop. The Marriott Resort knows how to treat its customers right. Continue reading…