How to Tag Your (Friendly) Fans on Facebook

[tweetmeme]August 12, 2011 Update!! I figured out a way to tag your fans on your page. You have to do the tagging from your personal profile status feed!

Tag the person, and tag your own page in the same post. Now your post shows up in 3 places – your personal page, your fan’s personal wall/news feed and your own page wall/news feed.

The finished result will look this on your business page:
Facebook tagging

Editor’s Note: As of June 22, 2011, it’s no longer possible to tag friendly fans from your page, whether you’re in personal or page mode. If this changes, I’ll let you know. Sorry!

In a recent blog post, I talked about 3 ways a business can make use of the Facebook tag as a marketing tool. In the article, I noted that pages can no longer tag people, they can only tag other pages.

But there are times when you’d like to tag a fan – if you’re doing a “fan of the week” promotion, for example, or highlighting your 500th fan, etc. If you could tag a person on your page, your fan’s friends would see the mention on that fan’s own news feed. This gives your company an opportunity to be seen by people who aren’t already fans of your page.

I reached 250 fans on my own Facebook page last week, so naturally, I wanted to acknowledge that milestone by thanking the fan. I automatically started trying to tag them, because old habits die hard! The thing is, I was trying to do it while acting as my page on Facebook. I don’t know what made me think to try this, but I decided to see if I could tag the person while acting as myself. So I switched back to “personal profile” mode and, lo and behold, the tag worked!

But there is a catch. (Nothing’s ever easy with Facebook, is it?) I couldn’t tag someone if they weren’t already a friend of mine.

How to tag a (friendly) fan on your business page:

1. Switch from using Facebook as your business page to personal mode. This is the most important step because you cannot tag a person IF you are acting as your business page.

2. Check Page Settings.
Make sure you check the box on the posting preferences under “Your Settings” so that you can post as your page even when using Facebook as yourself.

3. Go to your business page.

4. Type your comment. In the status bar, type your comment, using the “@” sign before your fan’s name to tag them.

5. Hit share. Voila! You have tagged your fan.

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