3 Easy Ways to Get Ideas for Your Company Blog

blog ideasStuck for ideas on what to write about for your company’s blog?  It’s a common complaint, especially if you don’t think of yourself as a writer. But no matter what your industry or profession – be it plumber, landscape lighting contractor or chiropractor – you can come up with plenty of articles for your blog if you focus the topics on these three areas:

  • Price/Cost
  • Problems
  • Comparisons

Price/Cost Blog Topic

Many businesses that sell services, or expensive products, are reluctant to talk about their prices online. They prefer to discuss pricing with prospective customers in person or on the phone.  The reasoning is that their prices may scare off potential customers, who perceive the product or service as being too expensive. Or, businesses may be afraid that their competition will undercut them.

Here’s the problem with this type of thinking.

Why worry that someone can’t afford your products/services? Not everyone can. That’s just a fact of life. You should be more concerned about doing the best job you can, so you’ll attract people who CAN afford your products/services.

As for the competition — well, they probably know your prices already.

You don’t have to mention specific prices in a blog article, but you can talk about pricing in more general terms, such as:

  • Pricing forecast for your industry
  • Compare price ranges of two different products
  • New vs. used in terms of pricing

Write about Problems

Do your customers ever have problems with your products or services? Maybe you already have a list of Frequently Asked Questions that deal with problems on your website. These make great material for blog articles.

Address each problem in a separate article and of course, provide the solution.  Try writing a, “How NOT to…” article for your business  as well as a “How to…” article and explain the problem and solution with each one.

Odds are, for every product or service you sell, you can come up with at least 3-6 articles  that relate to problems.

Compare and Contrast Articles

A third strategy to use for coming up with blog articles is the compare and contrast style.  Write about pros and cons of buying your services/products. Present the best and worst products, services, etc. in your industry and justify your reasoning. If you offer a low-price item versus a  more expensive one – contrast the two and make the case for when people should buy the inexpensive one, versus the deluxe model.

The key in all of these articles is to demonstrate your expertise about your products/services and your industry. Also, keep in mind the Golden Rule of Blogging: “they ask, you answer” which means you will endear yourself to your readers and prospects if you address customer questions and problems in your blog.

Get Organized

Before you write your next blog article, take time to make a list of article titles based on the three categories I’ve mentioned here: Price/Cost, Problems & Comparisons. Use an editorial calendar to plan out when you’ll publish each article. This way, you can finally stop stressing about what to write about and concentrate on providing useful content for your prospects and customers.

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Golden rule of blogging

The Golden Rule of Blogging

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SEMrush Blog | How to Get Leads with Google+

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2012 in Review – My Blog’s Annual Report

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

4,329 films were submitted to the 2012 Cannes Film Festival. This blog had 26,000 views in 2012. If each view were a film, this blog would power 6 Film Festivals

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Blog and Website Content Monetization: Three Great Ways

By Murray Newlands

Content monetization is when you, quite simply, make money off your content. After working in online marketing for over 10 years, I have become an expert on content monetization, but I know that there are plenty of good bloggers and website owners who have good content but do not know how to make money off of it. As a result, I am showing three great methods for making money off your site!

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The World Media Awards: Why Should YOU Enter?

[tweetmeme]By Murray Newlands

There are so many great bloggers and publishers doing great work, and those who stand out deserve to have their work recognized, connect with each other, and see their readerships grow. That’s why the World Media Awards exist- to recognize and reward great contributions to media from bloggers and publishers.

In my own career, I’ve learned and benefited so much from others that I wanted to help establish some way to give back to an industry I love and show appreciation to the up-and-coming leaders. The World Media Awards will culminate in a one day event in San Francisco that will celebrate the best in blogging, forums, publishing and media from around the world.

5 Reasons Why You Should Enter the World Media Awards

1. Get Recognized- You Deserve It 🙂

You put a lot of blood, sweat and tears into making your blog amazing. You know it and your readers know it. The World Media Awards is a way for you to get official recognition from other bloggers and industry experts. That recognition will help you grow your readership, make new collaborative connections, and hopefully have a few warm fuzzy moments that make all the late nights even more worthwhile.

2. Meet Other Bloggers Who Care

Blogging, forums and most other online media is about conversation and interaction, but sometimes it’s easy to end up pecking away behind a screen in your office all alone. Meeting other bloggers and publishers keeps the fire lit and the conversation going. When you enter the World Media Awards, you’ll be listed alongside other bloggers and publishers who put the same level of pride, care and effort into making their blog top notch.

3. Expose Yourself to New Partners

If your blog or forum is part of your business, being part of the World Media Awards will increase your exposure by putting your name in front of the thousands of visitors to our site and the award ceremony. That means you can find out who else is doing great work, strut your own stuff, and expand your network of contacts and collaborators.

4. Make Yourself Irresistible to Clients

What helps your chances at winning that next pitch more than expanding your network? Telling that network that you just won a World Media Award. Winning an award shines a light on your success, and it serves as an example of the commitment, engagement and exacting standards you apply to your work.

5. Be Part of the Beginning of Something Big

Because 2012 is the first year for these awards, you have the one-time opportunity to be the inaugural winner and set the standard for the World Media Awards in your category. Getting in on the ground floor of these awards will open doors for you as a blogger and a publisher.

The bottom line is, the World Media Awards will shine a spotlight on the year’s most successful bloggers and publishers, and on the companies that serve and interact with them.

Now is your chance to be one of them.

The sponsors include Growmap, Pace Lattin, VigLink and Trancos.

World Media Award judges include Steve Hall, Sarah Austin, Chang Kim, Julie Wohlberg, Pierre Zarokian, Ivka Adam, Cheryl Contee, Krystyl Baldwin, Adrian Harris, Jeremy Wright, Rob Bloggeries, Dave Duarte, Tanya Alvarez, Dana Oshiro, Tom Foremski, and Judith Lewis. hashtag #wmads on Twitter.

Media partners include Adrants, Bloggeries, MediaVision, The Affiliate Marketing Awards, Read Write Web, My Blog Guest, Web Traffic Control and FeedBlitz.

Murray Newlands is author of How to Make a Blog Book and Online Marketing; a User Guide. He is also founder of the Affiliate Marketing Awards. Born in the UK, he now spends his time in San Francisco and New York. Murray works for Audience Mindshare and consults for Trancos Inc. as well as being an advisor for VigLink.


49 Headline Starters for Your Business Blog

[tweetmeme]Did you know that 8 out of ten people read a blog title, but only two read the entire post? That’s why your titles have to be compelling. If you ever get stuck for a title or just need some ideas to jumpstart your own creative juices, Joan Stewart, the Publicity Hound has come up with a list of 49 headline starters.

Headline Ideas for Your Business Blog

Joan recommends that you start by naming the three biggest problems your customers or clients face. Now, you have three ideas for three different articles. Be sure the topics tie into a service you provide, a product you sell, or a cause or issue you want to promote.

Once you’ve chosen a topic, it’s time to select a title. Here is a list of possibilities. Simply fill in the blank, depending on what you’ve decided to write about.

• A Part-Timer’s Tactics for a Full-Timer’s ______________
• A Quiz: Test Your ______________ Smarts
• Cash in on _______________ Trends
• Chasing the Right ______________
• Cool Tools for Today’s ______________
• Common Errors That Kill ______________
• Discover the 7 Essential Elements That Guarantee ______________
• Finding the ______________That is Uniquely You
• Good News for ______________
• How to Bounce Back from ______________
• How to Get Other People to ______________
• How to Handle ______________
• How to Make ______________ Work for You
• How to Make Your ______________ Dreams Come True
• How to Turn ______________ into ______________
• Mastering the Art of ______________
• No More ______________
• Part-Time ______________, Full-Time Success
• Questions and Answers About ______________
• Straight Talk from a ______________
• The Great _____________ Dilemma
• The Most Beginner-Friendly ______________
• The Last Word on ______________
• The Amazing Solution for ______________
• The Best and Worst Ideas for ______________
• The Complete Guide to ______________
• The Worst Mistakes You Can Make When ______________
• Top 10 ______________ Do’s and Don’ts
• What’s HOT and NOT in ______________
• When Not to ______________
• Your Must-Know Guide to ______________
• _________________ with Pizzazz!
• _________________and Grow Rich
• ______________ on the Cheap
• 5 Ways to Get More from Your ______________
• 5 No-Fail Strategies for ______________
• 6 Secrets to Successful ______________
• 7 Ways to Keep Your ______________ Dreams Alive
• 7 Ways to Avoid the Most Deadly ______________ Mistakes
• 8 Ways to Avoid the Worst ______________ Mistakes
• 9 Formulas for Fantastic ______________
• 10 User-Friendly Facts for ______________
• 10 Tips to Jump-Start Your ______________
• 11 Questions You Must Ask When You’re ______________
• 12 Tactics to Open Up ______________
• 13 Tips That Will Make a _______________ Smile
• 10 Time-Tested Tips for Becoming a ______________
• 25 Quick ______________ Tips to Use Now
• 26 Holiday Gifts for ______________

If you still need some ideas on what to write about for your blog, here are 42 more suggestions.

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