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3 Video Marketing Tools to Enhance Your Business

3 Video Marketing Tools to Enhance Your Business

Video is undeniably a powerful marketing tool, especially for small businesses. You don’t need a big budget to create videos that will drive traffic to your website or sell your products. That doesn’t mean any old video will work. It can’t be boring! Here are a few tools to help you create videos that will … Continue reading

Making the Most of the New YouTube One Channel

Making the Most of the New YouTube One Channel

Visit one of the many YouTube channels lately and you’re going to notice a new layout. The video site has revamped the look to make your branding work across a variety of devices, including smartphones and tablets. You can show off more content to fans, and you can reach out to non-subscribed viewers.

How to Ensure Your Video Sales Letter Converts

How to Ensure Your Video Sales Letter Converts

By Gloria Rand Looking for a way to sell more products online? Use a Video Sales Letter. Why? Here are 3 reasons: It’s easier to get your point across with video than with text or audio You can build trust and connect with potential customers Video converts better than straight text Don’t get the wrong … Continue reading

2013 – The Year of the Video

2013 – The Year of the Video Did you know that video is the fastest-growing digital content category? Join social media expert Mari Smith for this FREE webinar on January 24th @ 2 pm ET and learn how to monetize your video efforts!!

8 Ways to Grow Your Email Marketing List

Small business owners know that email marketing is an effective way to generate leads and sales. But if you’re just starting out in business, and don’t have a big list to market to, it can be a huge challenge. Experts recommend hosting an online webinar and collectjng email addresses at registration. But if you don’t … Continue reading

How to Leverage Customer Testimonials for Sales

If a picture is worth a 1,000 words, how much is a video worth to your small business? To quote MasterCard: “priceless.” It’s especially so when that video is a customer testimonial. Reading testimonials on a website is one thing. Many people are so jaded, they think those quotes are fake.

5 Tips for Making a Successful Video Blog

One of the best ways you can market your business is with a video blog. Videos enable you to connect with your target audience in a more personal way because they can see and hear you, get a sense of your personality and hopefully, come to like and trust you as a result.

How to Get More Views for Your YouTube Videos

The beauty of video marketing is that once you upload a video to YouTube, it can be viewed months and even years later, as long as the video has been optimized properly with the right keywords. Your videos can also get new exposure to a wider audience thanks to some recent changes in YouTube’s format. … Continue reading

SEO in a Minute: Facebook Page

[tweetmeme]In this SEO in a Minute video, I talk about how to optimize your Facebook page for the search engines. Hi. I’m Gloria Rand with today’s S-E-O in a Minute tip. You know it’s important to optimize your website. Well, guess what – if you’re using social media to market your business, it’s important to … Continue reading