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3 Ways to Show Your Customers Some Love

3 Ways to Show Your Customers Some Love

Valentine’s Day has come and gone. Did you use the occasion to show your customers some love? If not, don’t despair. You can show your appreciation any time. After all, it’s because of their business that you can treat your special Valentine to flowers, candy or a night out on the town. Here are 3 … Continue reading

6 Frequently Asked Questions about Twitter

If I had a quarter for every time someone told me, “I just don’t understand how to use Twitter,” I could buy a new Coach purse by now! 🙂 That’s how I used to feel too, until I started using Twitter more consistently. Now, I’ve come to appreciate the social networking site as a marketing … Continue reading

5 Ways to Use SlideShare for Your Business

If you do presentations for your business, you may already be aware of SlideShare. It’s a social networking site that lets you upload PowerPoint presentations, documents and PDFs (and videos if you pay for the PRO version) that can be viewed by other users.

Best Tips for Marketing with Twitter

Twitter seems very confusing to a lot of small business owners. But there are ways to successfully market your products and services to your followers. Here are some tips to get you started:

How an Orlando Attorney Uses Social Media for Business

From time to time in this blog, I’ve shared different tips and strategies for using Twitter and other social networking sites to grow your business. Whether it’s retweeting other people’s blog articles, or doing a #FollowFriday shoutout, using Twitter and social media successfully comes down to one main concept: it’s all about building relationships. That … Continue reading

How to Run (and Win!) a Twitter Contest

[tweetmeme]One way to engage your Twitter community and promote your business at the same time is to run a contest. If you choose to give away a prize, you can tweet about it, or you can use a free service to help you promote it like