Pruning the Garden of Your Mind

I’ve been working with a counselor lately. It’s the latest attempt by me to get rid of the limiting beliefs and thoughts that have been holding me back for years. And better yet, to replace them with empowering beliefs.

We had a big freeze in Florida a few weeks back. And my beautiful firecracker bushes suffered. They were already weakened by a fungus that I was treating, but the freeze did them in. Every day, I would look out to my garden and see these dead branches. I’ve been busy the last few weekends, so I hadn’t been able to do anything about them. But finally on Tuesday, I couldn’t take it anymore.

I grabbed the saw from the garage and started sawing off the dead branches. In the process, I discovered that while 3 of the bushes were dead, the two remaining bushes had one branch each that was still alive and had green leaves on it. I couldn’t see that growth until I pruned away all the dead matter.


That’s the way it is with our thoughts, isn’t it? We have to prune away all of our limiting beliefs like, “I’m not good enough,” so we can have room for the empowering thoughts to flourish. The more I thought about this, the more I realized that our bodies are like a garden. When we nourish it with good food and good thoughts, our bodies and minds flourish like a garden. And sometimes, we have to go in there and do some weeding and pruning out of the negative beliefs, so there’s room for the good thoughts to take root and grow.

My garden’s pretty bare right now. I’m going to have my husband dig out the dead bushes so we can replace them with some new plants. And that’s another metaphor, isn’t it? I’m getting help with my garden. I’m not doing everything by myself. That’s why I’m seeing a counselor. She gives me some fresh perspective and helps me reframe my disempowering thoughts to be ones that do empower me.

I recorded a Facebook video after I went to work in the garden, so you can see the results here: