Facebook page cover image guidelines

Facebook Changes Page Cover Image Rules… Again!

Facebook is at it again. They have changed the rules for what a business page can display on its cover image. Essentially, all you have to worry about is making sure your image does not contain more than 20% text. Gone are the rules about not displaying website URL’s, phone numbers or calls to action such as “like my page.”

Facebook  page cover image guidelines

In my opinion, Facebook made this change for a couple of reasons.
#1 – They couldn’t police pages that broke the rules anyway.
#2 – Facebook wants to make money for its shareholders, and if they can let small business owners subtly “advertise” on their pages for free, companies might be more willing to spend money on ads.

A more troubling reason is the fact that Facebook is also tweaking personal timelines, and they may wind up changing pages to match. My personal timeline no longer includes the About information underneath the picture. The info is hidden in a tab.

Facebook timeline cover
If they try this same tactic on Facebook pages, businesses will want to include info such as their website, address and phone number in their cover photo. But this is just my theory. What do you think?