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5 Ways to Engage Your Pinterest Followers

Pinterest EngagementBy Gloria Rand
A client asked me recently how to thank the people who have been following her or repinning her content on Pinterest. Unfortunately, there is no easy to way to do this. Unlike Facebook, Google+ or Twitter, you can’t send direct messages to your followers on Pinterest. But that doesn’t mean all is lost.

I’ve come up with 5 ways that you can reach out to your Pinterest followers:

#1 – Consider following them back – either their Pinterest profile as a whole, or just one or more of their boards.
#2 – Locate your pin on their board and thank them as a “comment” on the pin.
#3 – Visit their Pinterest profile to see if they’re active on other social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter. Like or follow their accounts, and show your appreciation there.
#4 – Like and/or comment on one or more of their pins.
#5 – Invite them to pin to one of your boards.

Pinterest board invitation

Pinterest has been growing leaps and bounds in the last year. It’s a terrific tool for driving traffic to your blog, so it’s worth the effort to develop a presence on the social networking site.

How do you reach out to followers on Pinterest? Please share your ideas in the comments below. And I’d love for you to follow me on Pinterest as well!


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