Why Your Boutique Hotel or B&B Needs a Blog

I’ve been searching for boutique hotels on Google lately to see how many include a blog as part of their marketing strategy. The results have been interesting. The vast majority of boutique hotels and bed & breakfasts on page one and two of Google all have blogs. But most of the hotels and B&B’s on subsequent pages do not. This is a missed opportunity on their part. Let me explain why.

Better Listings on Google

Blog may be short for weblog, but it’s also an acronym for “better listings on Google.” Everytime you write a blog article that includes relevant keywords, you are feeding the Google beast, and helping your website at the same time. Search engines crave new, relevant content – and so does your target audience. A blog serves that purpose. Plus, Hubspot, the inbound marketing specialist, says companies that blog get 97% more inbound links to their websites, and 55% more website visitors.

Promote Your Hotel/B&B

Some hotel owners may think publishing a blog is too time-consuming, but if it attracts new guests that may not have otherwise known about you, isn’t it worth the effort? Blog articles can focus on what makes your property unique, and showcase its best features – whether that’s location, outstanding customer service, historical significance, etc.

Promote Special Events

A blog can also serve to let guests know about special events that are taking place in the area. The Williams House on Amelia Island blog is a good example – featuring articles on the upcoming Florida/Georgia college football game, a wine festival and BBQ competition:
Williams House Blog

Share Content on Other Social Media Channels

A blog should be the hub of your social media marketing efforts. Articles can be shared on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. You can also repurpose your articles as videos and post them on YouTube, or as audio podcasts for iTunes.

If you own a hotel or B&B, and would like to add a blog to your marketing efforts, contact me today for a free consultation.

Image courtesy: freedigitalphotos.net