GoDaddy Outage Affects Millions – Time for a Change?

Was your website down Monday? If so, you were not alone! Millions of websites that were hosted by GoDaddy went down after the service was reportedly hacked. I was trying to update my client’s websites and couldn’t access them, but I thought it was just a problem with my computer! Glad to know my laptop wasn’t to blame, but it’s disheartening to learn that so many small businesses were hurt.

GoDaddy has come under fire for supporting the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA), and a Huffington Post reporter wonders if this attack is just the beginning.

If you are considering moving your website to a new hosting company, I can personally recommend One of my clients has their website on this site, and their technical support is excellent. My client recently updated the Sociable plugin for her wordpress website. But the plugin had a flaw and disabled the entire website. We couldn’t even access the WordPress admin screen to disable the site. So I called HostGator for help. Their technician helped me rename the plugin in the CPanel directory, which automatically disabled the plugin. Result? The website was up and running once more. FYI – I am not an affiliate for Hostgator, but I may become one soon!

I’ve also heard good things about for web hosting. Are there any other companies that you can recommend for hosting? If so, please share them below.