How to Keep Tabs on Facebook Group Members

Facebook logoEver wonder if the information you post in a Facebook group is getting seen by the members? Stop wondering. Facebook is rolling out a new group indicator that lets anyone know who has seen a post, and at what time they viewed it.

I noticed this in a brand new group tonight. It hasn’t shown up in my older groups, but I’m sure it will be there within the next few days.


6 thoughts on “How to Keep Tabs on Facebook Group Members”

  1. Thank you for further explaining. This feature kept within groups makes better sense. Thanks again.

  2. Yes, that does help. Thank you, Gloria. That seems a lot better if this feature is kept within groups. Thanks.

  3. I think this is a potentially creepy feature. Some preservation of privacy would be appreciated. It makes me want to stay away from Facebook…

    1. I understand how you feel. But groups are supposed to be smaller subsets of people with common interests, so I can see how it would be useful. Then again, if you really want to make sure someone gets the message, there’s always that old standby – the telephone! 🙂

      1. Maybe I’m not fully understanding. Does this feature apply to the typical, personalized Facebook page, where it is common for one to have tens and hundreds of so-called “friends?”

      2. No, this feature applies to Facebook Groups. It’s sort of like LinkedIn Groups. Anyone can create a group and invite friends to join. For instance, I’m a member of a moms group, as well as some social media marketing groups, and networking groups in my local area. Does that help?

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