How to Make Best Use of Facebook’s New “Voice” Feature

Facebook logoFacebook recently added a new “voice” feature which lets admins toggle between posting on Facebook as their page (company brand) and themselves (profile).

Facebook voice mode

If you’re confused right now because you thought you already had this option, I can understand. Facebook has just given you another way to do it, and frankly, it’s an improvement. I’ll explain why.

Page admins have long had the option of posting on Facebook as themselves or as the page. If you wanted to post as the page, you could click on the little upside down triangle at the upper right hand corner of Facebook (next to Home) and a popup window would come up that said “use Facebook as…” where you could select your profile or the page(s) you admin.

Then, you would have to check your edit settings to see if you had the box checked that read, “Always comment and post on your page as (Page Name), even when using Facebook as (your name/profile).

Facebook Admin Toggle

With this new addition of the “voice” feature, you can easily switch back and forth without having to edit your settings. You need to be careful if you have multiple employees using this feature, because as Hubspot points out in a recent article, an inappropriate comment by the brand  instead of the employee could cause some trouble.

What I like about this new feature is that I can post as my page, but still view my news feed as myself. Since I like many more pages than my page does, and I have many friends on Facebook (remember – pages can’t have friends), I can find interesting photos and articles to share on my page much more easily when I’m viewing Facebook as myself.

Have you tried out the “voice” feature? Do you like it or are you more confused than ever? Share your comments below, or post them on my Facebook page: www.fb.com/gloriarandcopywriter.