What Facebook’s Faster News Feed Means for Page Admins

TechCrunch reported today that Facebook is going to speed up its news feed by pulling in fewer stories to start, so users can start browsing faster. That sounds all well and good… BUT this means that page admins may see their metrics sag a bit because fewer stories are being loaded, so not as many people are going to see your great posts!

So, what can a page admin do to make sure their posts get seen by their fans?

The same things they’ve always done, post engaging content! Or pay to promote a post. Or run a regular ad campaign.  Whatever you do, don’t give up on Facebook. It’s still a viable place to be to reach your customers, even if it seems like the changes they make are geared to drive page admins crazy! I have to believe their ultimate goal is still to create a good user experience (and of course, make some money for their shareholders now too.).

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