SEMrush GEO Location Service

by Kerin Foster

The already numerous capabilities of SEMrush and SEOQuake are being expanded upon, now from a geographic standpoint. Through the use of their newest product SEMrush GEO, businesses can now uncover prospective clientele who are not only local to them, but who are also currently spending valuable marketing dollars.

In addition to the initial geographic search, SEMrush GEO provides all necessary contact information as well as the approximate marketing funds that these businesses spend on Adwords. This makes it that much simpler to initiate immediate contact, and there is a greater opportunity to organize direct meetings to discuss how to further their already-employed marketing strategy. (Editor’s note: SEMrush generally charges $1 per lead, but they are open to discounts if you wish to purchase a large quantity.)

Due to the fact that SEMrush GEO pinpoints both large and small businesses who are presently implementing marketing strategies, it also coordinates the foundation of potential business relationships with neighboring corporations.

SEMRush GEO Example

SEMrush GEO establishes results through the combination of SEMrush data, Yellow Book records, and Google Maps. This allows the detection of prospective clientele based on a combination of their zip code and a radius selected that can be anywhere from two to one thousand miles. Based upon the aforementioned information being entered, SEMrush GEO displays the businesses that are presently advertising with Google Adwords, and all results are mapped conveniently on the all familiar Google Map that can be dragged in and out for precise viewing.

SEMrush GEO is an easy-to-use and effective tool that can assist in the attainment of new clientele. Take a look for yourself at

Kerin Foster is the communications specialist for SEMrush, a search engine marketing tool provider.