New Facebook Admin Feature Lets You Control the Past

Facebook logoLove it or hate it, Facebook Timeline for pages is here to stay. If you’re a small business owner, it’s time to start maximizing the new display to your company’s benefit. One way to do that is to add milestones which highlight notable events in your company’s history. Milestones are similar to highlighted posts because their content gets displayed across both columns of your timeline.

Here’s an example from Coca-Cola’s Facebook Page:
Coca-Cola Facebook Milestone

Now, Facebook has introduced a new way for page admins to update the past. In addition to milestones, you can add a status update, photo or video and set the exact date you want it to appear on your Timeline. This could come in handy if you discovered some old photos you’d like to post, or if your Facebook page is relatively new and your business isn’t!

How to add a past event to your Facebook page:

1. Use Facebook as your page (this feature will not work when you are logged in as your personal profile).

2. Go to your page and scroll down past your admin panel.

3. A dropdown menu will appear.

4. Select Status Update or Photo/Video.

5. Select the date you wish the update or photo/video to appear.

6. Check the “Hide from News Feed” box if you don’t want your activity to be seen by others at this time.

Facebook Dropdown Menu for Updating Status

7. Type in your status update or upload the photo/video.

8. Click “Post.”

After you do this, your Timeline will automatically scroll down the page, so you can review the information you just posted. You’ll then have an opportunity to Highlight it, Pin it or delete it.

What do you think of this new feature? How will you use it for your business? Please share your thoughts below. And if you’d like more tips and strategies on how to grow your followers on Facebook, check out my latest webinar on YouTube: Ready, Set, Engage! Building a Loyal Following with Facebook Timeline.