How to Run (and Win!) a Twitter Contest

[tweetmeme]One way to engage your Twitter community and promote your business at the same time is to run a contest. If you choose to give away a prize, you can tweet about it, or you can use a free service to help you promote it like Tweetsw.in.

How Tweets Win Works

When you create a contest on Tweets Win, the service will track your entries, traffic, and choose a winner when the contest ends. Simply fill out the form and click save to start your Twitter contest or giveaway promotion. Once you’re done a link will be provided so you can tweet your contest’s info and start the fun. You don’t even have to login, so it’s really easy to do!

The site points out one important note. The contests or giveaways should only require users to tweet the provided text and follow you. If your giveaway or contest asks users to submit content or visit another site to enter, it will be removed and you may be blacklisted.

If Tweets Win picks a winner that’s not eligible for your contest, you can remove the winner and block them from winning again on that contest.

How to Win a Contest

While researching this site, I decided to try it out by entering one of the current contests. Here’s a tip that proved successful for winning. I found a contest that was ending soon, (for a $10 iTunes gift card) that didn’t have many entries. And I won!

Here is what a contest looks like:

Tweets Win Contest example

Will this service encourage you to try your hand at running a Twitter contest?


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