10 Small Business Facebook Cover Photos

Has the latest Facebook change driven you to Google+ or Pinterest yet? 😉 Yes, Timeline arrived on Leap Day for Pages, and even though the mandatory switch doesn’t take place until March 30, I’m surprised at the number of businesses who have “leaped on board” already. (pardon the pun) I’m still in preview mode, but the pic above gives you a sneak peek. Even though I’m tempted to make the switch, I think it’s best to wait until all the bugs get worked out. After all, if Facebook Diva Mari Smith isn’t rushing in, why should I?

Here is an excellent article detailing the Timeline features, so I won’t bore you by rehashing them here. I’ve seen a few articles, including one on Mashable, that showcase cover photos of big brands. These companies all have huge marketing budgets to create their beautiful images. But what if you don’t have a big budget? You can still create an excellent image. Here are some noteworthy examples of timeline cover photos from 10 small business pages on Facebook:

1. Susan Garrett Dog Agility

Susan Garrett Dog Agility Facebook Page

2.Rocstar Dog Boutique

Rocstar Dog Boutique

3. Amanda Taylor Consulting

4. Karen Allison, Independent Willow House Design Consultant

5. Cluster Web Design

6. DBM Photography

7. Stern Gallery

8. Artbubbles

9. Metabolic Masterpiece

10. Denise Winters Photography

If you need a custom Facebook cover for your business page, I’ve heard good things about FBBrandcovers.com. They only charge $14.97, and the samples they show on the website look pretty darn good!

I know change can be uncomfortable – especially with regards to social media. If you have any questions about Facebook Timeline, please comment below, or post them on my Facebook page. I’ll be happy to answer them!


10 thoughts on “10 Small Business Facebook Cover Photos

  1. The Facebook Cover Photos, just like blog headers, are meant to grab the attention of the users that visit a Facebook profile. If the cover is unique and personalized, anyone who views a person’s page will certainly learn more about him/her, or at least about that person’s tastes.

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  3. Ola! Gloriarand,
    Speaking of which, There are many different types of photo sites out there offering image specialties from animals or hobbies to general images offering any type of image you could think of… and offer both royalty free and pay for use options and licensing. When you take on your own graphic design project, whether it be a self publishing book, brochure, or website, unless we take the photos ourselves, we need images to give our project that extra push.
    Kindest Regards

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