SEO in a Minute: Twitter

Want more Twitter followers? You’ll learn the key steps to take in this SEO in a Minute video:

I’m Gloria Rand with today’s SEO in a Minute tip.

Want to know the secret to attracting Twitter followers? Use keywords that reflect your interests or business in your twitter username, your bio and in your tweets. My primary Twitter username is @gloriarand, so I created another profile to market my SEO copywriting services to the green products niche. That username is @GreenSEOcopy. If someone searches on Twitter for SEO, my username should come up.

Keywords are also useful to include in the bio section of your Twitter profile. Remember that you only have 160 characters to convey your business and personality, so make it concise!

The third place that often gets overlooked to include keywords is your tweets themselves. Whether you’re sharing a blog post or tweeting about an event you’re conducting, include relevant keywords so your tweets will show up when someone’s doing a search. If you’re tweeting quality information, people will start to follow you.

If you’d like more information on how to use Twitter to grow your business, visit my blog at gloriarand.me.


2 thoughts on “SEO in a Minute: Twitter”

  1. Last year, Twitter made status updates no-follow so you don’t get link juice from links you post in your status. However, I have heard that some applications that are used to post to Twitter have proven a way around this. Can I get a do-follow link when posting with HootSuite. If so, is the link as strong? Twitter is a page rank 9 site and I want to make sure it is being profitable to post links through an app.

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