Facebook Insights Still Registers Third Party Shares

Facebook Insights [tweetmeme]Here’s some good news for Facebook page admins who rely on third party tools like Hootsuite to schedule posts. Any post that gets shared on your page  is being registered by Facebook Insights. A couple of weeks ago, I reported that Facebook had removed the “share” button from posts that came from a third party app. But even though developers said this was not a bug, and was intended by design, it looks like it was a bug that has now been fixed!

I have continued to use Hootsuite to schedule some of my Facebook posts, and observed that the “share” button was displayed on my page, and in fact, has been used from time to time. Reportedly, Hootsuite had come up with a workaround, but any shares would not be picked up by Facebook Insights. I’m happy to report this is not the case. As you can see in the images below, a post that was shared on Facebook was recorded in the Insights.

Facebook Insights Share
Facebook Insights Share results

If you have a different experience, please post it below. But for now at least, things seem to be back to normal on Facebook – at least until things change again! 🙂