Google Amps up the Volume on Social Search

Here we go again! Google just announced a radical change to search – splitting up social search results from the global search results in something it’s calling “Search, plus Your World.” Essentially, you now have the option of doing a search and getting results from your friends (especially ones who are active on Google+) or staying with the traditional global search results.

Read all about it in Google’s blog.

I’ll be writing more about this at a later date, once I have a chance to test this out for myself. What do you think of this development? Will this enhance your search experience? Please comment below!


2 thoughts on “Google Amps up the Volume on Social Search”

  1. As long as this is tied to actions a person has taken publicly – giving a +1 or liking something – I guess it is okay. I would not want Google sharing things I’ve merely searched for or read. I feel that is a real invasion of privacy.

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