How to Get More Views for Your YouTube Videos

YouTube logoThe beauty of video marketing is that once you upload a video to YouTube, it can be viewed months and even years later, as long as the video has been optimized properly with the right keywords.

Your videos can also get new exposure to a wider audience thanks to some recent changes in YouTube’s format. The home page and user channel pages have been given a new look on YouTube, and the social sharing options have been changed as well.

When you log into your YouTube account settings, you can link your Facebook and Twitter accounts, and then not only can you automatically share your videos to those accounts, but you can also share comments about the video.

YouTube account settings
I think this is a very cool feature. When you respond to a comment about your video, not only will that comment be posted on Facebook & Twitter (if you have enabled those settings), but the video will be displayed there as well. Here’s an example from my Facebook timeline:

YouTube comment on Facebook
This feature can expose your videos to a whole new audience that may have missed the video when it was first uploaded.

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