5 Ways to Use Facebook for Your Holiday Marketing

By Gloria Rand

Facebook logo with holiday wreathDo you want to use Facebook to jumpstart your holiday sales? Here are a few tips to get you started:

1. Ask simple questions related to the holiday, but also ones that reflects your brand or personality. Here is an example from Pillsbury’s Facebook Page:
Pillsbury Facebook page

2. Engage your fans with messages that encourage them to reminisce and share their stories on your page. They’ll connect the warm emotions they feel with your brand.

Butterball Facebook Page

3. Promote any seasonal or limited-time offerings. This is easy if you have a product to sell (as you can see from the Starbucks pic below), but service providers can be creative too!
Starbucks Facebook page

4. Help fans help themselves. Offer tips related to the season (like this blog post!) Here you see Ocean Spray offering a recipe that would go well with Thanksgiving dinner:
Ocean Spray Facebook Page

5. Reveal the people behind the brand and how they celebrate the holidays.
Levi's Facebook Page

Of course, another way to promote your products or services during the holidays is by running a contest, promotion or special sale. Just make sure if you run a contest to follow Facebook’s rules. And of course, avoid these common marketing mistakes, such as posting too much or “selling” instead of “telling.”

If you used Facebook to market your products or services last year during the holiday season and had success doing so, please share what worked for you below.

© Copyright 2011 Gloria Rand

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