SEO in a Minute: Optimizing Your LinkedIn Profile

[tweetmeme] In this SEO in a minute video, I explain how to optimize your LinkedIn profile to reach your target audience.

I’m Gloria Rand with today’s SEO in a Minute tip.

June 2011 is significant for LinkedIn because that’s the month when it officially became the 2nd most popular social networking site after Facebook. Now LinkedIn is a great resource for job seekers, business professionals and sales people. The way that you can find jobs, or reach your target audience to generate leads is through an optimized profile.

There are six places in your LinkedIn profile that you want to include keywords. It all starts with the professional headline that comes right underneath your name on your profile. This is your opportunity to describe yourself and even include a call to action. Next two places that you want to have keywords are in your current and past occupations. And then a fourth place is the website category. Now instead of using the default my website or company website that LinkedIn gives you, you can actually, when you edit your profile, choose “other” and then you can throw some keywords in there. So for instance, on my LinkedIn profile, instead of “My Website,” it says SEO copywriting, ’cause that’s what I do! Finally, the last two places that you want to definitely have keywords in are the summary, the LinkedIn summary, and the specialties.

Now if you need LinkedIn profile written that’s got great keywords to reach your audience, send me an email at gloria@gloriarand.com or you can visit my blog at GloriaRand.wordpress.com.


5 thoughts on “SEO in a Minute: Optimizing Your LinkedIn Profile”

  1. Linked in is a great place to generate contacts. I’ve gotten so much business already through the site. It’s also a great place to find people that can help you in other ways. Love the website and advice for placing keywords on Linked In.

  2. I like the idea of using keywords in the links to your websites. I already changed my link to my portfolio from ‘portfolio’ to ‘copywriting portfolio.’ Thanks.

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