49 Headline Starters for Your Business Blog

[tweetmeme]Did you know that 8 out of ten people read a blog title, but only two read the entire post? That’s why your titles have to be compelling. If you ever get stuck for a title or just need some ideas to jumpstart your own creative juices, Joan Stewart, the Publicity Hound has come up with a list of 49 headline starters.

Headline Ideas for Your Business Blog

Joan recommends that you start by naming the three biggest problems your customers or clients face. Now, you have three ideas for three different articles. Be sure the topics tie into a service you provide, a product you sell, or a cause or issue you want to promote.

Once you’ve chosen a topic, it’s time to select a title. Here is a list of possibilities. Simply fill in the blank, depending on what you’ve decided to write about.

• A Part-Timer’s Tactics for a Full-Timer’s ______________
• A Quiz: Test Your ______________ Smarts
• Cash in on _______________ Trends
• Chasing the Right ______________
• Cool Tools for Today’s ______________
• Common Errors That Kill ______________
• Discover the 7 Essential Elements That Guarantee ______________
• Finding the ______________That is Uniquely You
• Good News for ______________
• How to Bounce Back from ______________
• How to Get Other People to ______________
• How to Handle ______________
• How to Make ______________ Work for You
• How to Make Your ______________ Dreams Come True
• How to Turn ______________ into ______________
• Mastering the Art of ______________
• No More ______________
• Part-Time ______________, Full-Time Success
• Questions and Answers About ______________
• Straight Talk from a ______________
• The Great _____________ Dilemma
• The Most Beginner-Friendly ______________
• The Last Word on ______________
• The Amazing Solution for ______________
• The Best and Worst Ideas for ______________
• The Complete Guide to ______________
• The Worst Mistakes You Can Make When ______________
• Top 10 ______________ Do’s and Don’ts
• What’s HOT and NOT in ______________
• When Not to ______________
• Your Must-Know Guide to ______________
• _________________ with Pizzazz!
• _________________and Grow Rich
• ______________ on the Cheap
• 5 Ways to Get More from Your ______________
• 5 No-Fail Strategies for ______________
• 6 Secrets to Successful ______________
• 7 Ways to Keep Your ______________ Dreams Alive
• 7 Ways to Avoid the Most Deadly ______________ Mistakes
• 8 Ways to Avoid the Worst ______________ Mistakes
• 9 Formulas for Fantastic ______________
• 10 User-Friendly Facts for ______________
• 10 Tips to Jump-Start Your ______________
• 11 Questions You Must Ask When You’re ______________
• 12 Tactics to Open Up ______________
• 13 Tips That Will Make a _______________ Smile
• 10 Time-Tested Tips for Becoming a ______________
• 25 Quick ______________ Tips to Use Now
• 26 Holiday Gifts for ______________

If you still need some ideas on what to write about for your blog, here are 42 more suggestions.

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8 thoughts on “49 Headline Starters for Your Business Blog

  1. All the headline tips are very appealing. It is true that a headline of a blog can either attract of repel audience. The one which I find most effective is to inlude numbers is a headline. For example, 6 ways to ______ fast, or as mentioned above, 5 No-Fail Strategies for ______________, etc. These kind of headlines make blogs seem to be more interesting and insightful. Thank you for sharing.

    • I agree Jennifer. Numbers really do attract readers. And if a writer is stuck for an idea, a list is always a good fall back strategy for a new blog article.

  2. I agree with the previous post. Your list provides sound headline starters that have worked before and will work again.

    It’s hard to find anything original on the web or in our own minds, for that matter. When someone is looking for something, headline starters that have worked in the past, will work again and again and again…

    • As long as you’re putting your own spin on the article itself, why mess with what works. After all, I still companies using the old Caples’ standby – “Are you making these mistakes with … “

  3. Hey Gloria,

    As an online marketer and consultant to company owners I base my income on results meaning if I don’t achieve results for my clients I don’t get paid and I can honestly tell you that I still use the headline starters you have above and they deliver outstanding results time and again.

    Thank you for making the time to help people.

    You are a gem 🙂

  4. Great post – thanks! The only problem is that too many people these days use the same headlines again and again. Thus you see hundreds of them daily and maybe they work worse…

    • You do have a point. My suggestion is to use these as a starting point to get your creative juices flowing, and then change them around a bit to make them different.

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