3 New Facebook Changes that Benefit Marketers

[tweetmeme]Facebook recently made some new changes that will benefit marketers and business owners. I’m very happy about them, that’s for sure! Here’s a rundown:

Share Posts to Pages

Facebook users can share posts, links, videos, photos, etc. to other pages now.

When you come across a post you want to share on your own page, or another page you admin, you simply choose “On your page” from the drop-down box, and you’re all set.

If you are the admin for more than one Facebook page, you may only see the name of one of your pages after you’ve done this once. (I found this out the hard way and thought I could only use this feature if I was using Facebook as my page.) But if you click on that page name, a drop-down box will still appear with the other pages listed.

Pages Can See Which Pages “Like” Them

I’ve been waiting for this feature forever!!! Finally, Facebook is allowing page admins to see which other pages like their page!

When you’re on your page, click on the “people like this” link on the left-side of the wall to bring up the window that shows your fans. Click on “people” at the top and a drop-down menu appears. If you’re using Facebook as your page, you can also access this by clicking on the “people” icon at the top of your page, which indicates the number of latest fans. Click on “see all” which appears at the bottom of the window.

A new window will appear with all your fans, and you can click on the word “people” to access the drop-down menu.

Edit Thumbnail

The last update I’ve noticed recently concerns thumbnail pictures. Now you can scale an image to fit the box, when you edit your thumbnail. This is great for horizontal logos. Here’s an example of a logo that has not been scaled to fit the thumbnail:

Simply, edit the thumbnail and select “scale to fit”:

This is what the logo looks like on the wall:

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    1. Laura,

      That’s great, Laura. I just found another new Facebook development that’s being rolled out today. I’ll be posting about this one over the weekend, so watch for it!


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