How to Use Twitter Favorites to Promote Your Brand

[tweetmeme] Want to provide testimonials about your brand on Twitter? You can tweet them yourself — but do you really want to? While it may seem OK to “toot your own horn,” it’s much better when someone else does it for you.

Save Testimonial as a Twitter Favorite

The best way to do this is to watch for compliments that other people tweet about you on Twitter. When you see one, save it as a favorite. You do this by hovering your mouse below the tweet until a menu appears with the options: Favorite, Retweet and Reply.

Once you click on “favorite” the star turns yellow, and the upper left-hand corner of the tweet is marked with a star:

If you continue to do this every time someone pays you a direct compliment, or retweets something you posted such as a blog article, you’ll have a selection of testimonials saved under the “Favorites” banner. (Favorites are accessed on your Twitter profile page.) You can let your Twitter followers know about this by tweeting something like, “Read what people are saying about ….” and include a link to the page.

I want to give credit where credit is due for this idea. It came from author and life coach, Carrie Wilkerson, otherwise known as the Barefoot Executive, who recently spoke at the grand opening of the National Entrepreneur Center in Orlando, FL. If you haven’t heard of Carrie yet, listen to her below as she explains why she uses Twitter:

What other ways do you use Twitter Favorites? Share them below.


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