Bing Delivers a Facebook Punch to Google Search

[tweetmeme]Talk about adding more fuel to the Facebook / Google rivalry fire! Bing has delivered what could be a major blow to Google search results.

Starting today, Bing is incorporating Facebook data in its search results in a more personal and actionable way than it ever did before.

Check out this video for an explanation:

Seems pretty impressive to me. I decided to check this out for myself, and here are the results for my website that I found by searching my name on Bing:

As you can see, below the website description are some pictures and names of some of my Facebook friends who also like my Facebook page: Gloria Rand – SEO Copywriter! Talk about instant testimonial!

The only thing I haven’t seen yet is this new universal “like” feature on Bing. They must be rolling out that feature later. I’ll keep an eye out for it.

This is going to impact SEO in ways I can’t even think of yet! What do you think?