SEO in a Minute: Backlinks

[tweetmeme]This week’s SEO in a Minute tip focuses on backlinks and their importance in search engine ranking.

I’m Gloria Rand with today’s S-E-O in a Minute tip.

Every business owner who has a website wants it to be on page one of Google. But wanting it to be there… and getting it there are two very different things. In earlier videos, I’ve talked about the importance of putting keywords into meta tag titles and descriptions when you create a website. There’s another important element that Google and Bing look at: back links.

To put it simply: a backlink is a link to your website that resides on another website. The more back links you have, the more credibility Google gives your website, resulting in a higher ranking. BUT… this is very important. It’s the quality of the backlink that counts!!! You need backlinks from websites that relate to the content of your website. If you sell cat toys for instance, it wouldn’t make sense to have a backlink from a website that sells farm equipment. The two products aren’t related – and if you had that type of backlink – Google would penalize you for it. However, if you have a Facebook page for your business that includes a link to your website – that’s a good backlink! I’ll talk more about how social networking sites influence your search engine rankings later.

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