Why It’s Worth Taking a Risk to Succeed in Business

[tweetmeme]How many times have you wished someone to “take care”? I frequently end my e-mails with that phrase, and it’s a perfectly fine sentiment. But my pastor brought up a good point in his homily this morning – why don’t we wish someone would “take a risk”? Imagine how different the world would be if no one took any risks.   There would be no Facebook or blogs, that’s for sure. Let alone the Internet. Or computers. Or electric lights for that matter!

Risk = Reward

My wish for you, readers, is to take a risk this year – in business and in your personal life.  Sometimes the risk won’t pay off, but there is never any reward without risk. I’ve taken plenty of risks in the last couple of years, starting with launching my own SEO copywriting business.  The risks have paid off because I’ve been able to attract clients and help them improve their businesses. Last year, I took another risk by speaking in public – holding workshops and webinars on social media marketing – very much out of my comfort zone!

I’m not quite sure what risks I’ll be taking yet this year, but when the opportunities arise, I will take a big breath and make the leap. I know there’s an excellent chance that the risk will be worth it.



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  1. Gloria, keep taking those risks…they are paying for you, your clients and more importantly you are showing your kids that life was designed to LIVE, all out, with passion, on purpose and with no excuses!!!

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