Facebook Eliminates Tabs in Page Redesign

[tweetmeme]Facebook has done a terrible disservice to small business owners today by changing the layout of its pages to resemble Facebook profiles. Gone are the tabs across the top – instead they are located on the left-hand side. Which means any custom tab you might have had on your page will probably get lost in the shuffle!!!

Here is another page view:

Admins now have an option to log in to the page – which is good if you’re managing more than one page (which I do). An interesting development I found is that when you login, and you pull up your news feed, it features your page and other pages that you like. Here is a screenshot from my page:

Once you login to a page, the only way to get back to your personal profile news feed is to access the Account tab at the top of the page. That drove me crazy for about five minutes while I tried to figure out how to get to my personal profile! Now, I can’t get into Facebook at all, which why I decided to write this blog post.

On a personal note, I am even more upset because I just held a webinar to teach people how to build a custom landing tab for their Facebook pages. I hope the outcry that I’ve seen on Twitter so far and on the Facebook page of noted FB guru Mari Smith will cause Facebook to backtrack here. This timing of this is so ironic considering this week, FB founder & CEO Mark Zuckerberg was awarded Time Magazine Man of the Year. If it were up to me, I’d take that award away from him!

NOTE: Facebook came back up and pages have reverted back to their old format. But who knows for how long? I have a sneaking feeling I know one reason for the new format. I’ll write about that in my next post, along with a possible solution if Facebook is interested!

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