Facebook Adds “Top Posts” to Business Page Options

[tweetmeme]Logged into Facebook this morning and noticed that the options on my business page have changed, probably due to the changes recently implemented for Facebook profile pages. When you click on “options” you get a menu that looks like this:

Facebook Page Options

Facebook added the “Spam” option a while ago for pages that allow posts from others. But now, instead of showing options of posts from “just your page” or “just fans” – there’s only the one page option, which includes posts from everyone. And Facebook has added “top posts” and “most recent” posts. I suspect top posts are the ones that have had the most impressions, but I can’t confirm that. I can’t find anything on Facebook to explain what it is and how it works.

I also noticed that Page Insights have changed too. They now provide a list of your most recent posts when you click on “details”:

facebook insights

What do you think of Facebook’s latest changes? Let me know in the comments section below!


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2 thoughts on “Facebook Adds “Top Posts” to Business Page Options”

  1. Well like any other changes we might all be reluctant in using it. However, exploring more of it I could say that it is more detailed and secured.

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