Facebook Page Management Gets a Makeover

[tweetmeme]Gloria Rand's Facebook Fan PageThere’s one thing you can count on Facebook for, and that’s change. Sometimes they make things better for business owners, and sometimes not.

Facebook page administrators found something better this week when it comes to managing their pages. Namely, a simplified design that streamlines the work:

This condensed view allows admins to access all aspects of the Page Manager without needing to scroll down the page.

Facebook Page Management Features

Here are some of the highlighted changes:

  • Profile Picture: Add a new profile picture to the page from this site, in addition to doing it from the wall.
  • Marketing: Access info about promoting your page with advertising, add a badge and a Like Box to your website. Plus, you can update the followers of your page and review any updates you’ve already sent.
  • Mobile: Review detailed instructions about connecting your Page to a mobile device, and managing your presence via email, mobile website, iPhone or text messaging (SMS).
  • Insights: Review Facebook Insights for all of the pages you manage.

Facebook Page Name Changes Allowed – with Conditions

One other item that has been changed will please some Business page admins and annoy the rest! If you made an error when naming your page, or you just want to change it, Facebook will let you – provided you have fewer than 100 followers. It’s great for new pages trying to get going, but someone that needs to rebrand is going to have to just start a new page and hope they can convince their fans to switch over.

What do you think of these latest changes by Facebook?

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