4 Ways to Create Blog Headlines that Get Noticed

In my last blog, I pointed out three strategies you can use to develop great titles for your blog posts, so that your article gets noticed and read by your target audience. Today, I’ve got four more suggestions on ways to create blog headlines. Again, you can either read about them below, or listen to them here from my Audioboo!

Audioboo transcript:

The first one is the question title. Asking questions is a powerful way to grab someone’s attention. The reader is naturally going to wonder what the answer is, and they’ll check out your post to find out.

The second one is the command title. This is more like a call to action – for example, “Do this thing in order to get that.”

A third title suggestion is the information title. This one is more like a teaching style of blog post. Let’s see, maybe something like this – Two things you won’t find on a successful Facebook page.

Finally, the last title suggestion is a testimonial. These can be very convincing, since you’re using an actual customer endorsement as the title of your blog post.

I hope you find these suggestions useful the next time you sit down to write your blog. Remember, if you can engage your reader with a unique and useful title, you’ll be much more likely to get them to read your post. Next time, I’ll talk about how to optimize your blog for the search engines, so your target audience will be able to find that wonderful headline you created and read your blog. Until then, I encourage you to visit my website at www.gloriarand.com. And have a great day!

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