Video Editing Comes to YouTube


If you use videos to market your business – whether by a video blog or website video of a product demo or testimonial – you know that it’s nearly impossible to create a perfect video. (You should have seen my first attempt at a video blog! It took about 20 takes before I was happy with the end result.) That’s why cameras come with video editing software – so you can cut out your mistakes before anyone sees them.

Well, YouTube is trying to get in on the action by enabling you to edit your own videos right on their site before you publish them to the world.  Their cloud-based video editing service allows you to trim the beginning and ends of your video, combine shorter videos into one longer one, and even add or change accompanying music with their commercial library of licensed songs.

The service is available through its TestTube ideas incubator – so they’re still working out some of the kinks.  But the following video should give you an idea of how easy it can be:

I did a brief test, and it seemed pretty user friendly to me. Of course, I do already have video editing capability with my Flip camera, so I’ll have to experiment and see which service works best.

If you decide to try out YouTube’s new video editor, please let me know what you think of it.

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