Social Media Survey for Business

“Social media is great for keeping in touch with people, but it takes too much time, and I’m not sure how it benefits my business.”

How many times have you heard that comment?

I hear it frequently when I attend networking events. And a recent informal survey of my clients and business associates showed the majority of them feel the same way.  Although, most of them do like the fact that social media is a quick, easy and free way to reach a big audience, and maintain a personal connection.

My survey revealed that business owners and executives are interested in learning more about social networking sites, particularly how to use Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to grow their business. Not knowing how to use social media is probably the main reason why a majority of my respondents said they spend less than 30 minutes a week on social media.

Another reason a lot of people are unsure about how to use social networking sites for their business is the fact that they don’t know how to measure ROI.  There are tools out there to help you do this such as Addictomatic and Tweetalyzer, as I mentioned in an earlier blog post.

One of my goals for this year will be to help you learn how to use these social networking tools for your business, and more importantly, generate that all important ROI.