Keyword Tool is MIA – What happened to Spacky.com?

Spacky.com, a keyword tool that not only showed you the top searches on Google, but also for Yahoo and Bing, has disappeared.

I’ve been trying to access it for a couple of weeks now, but with no luck.  I recently read a blog post by writer Theresa Wiza, who’s been wondering the same thing. She speculates Google put them out of business.  I hope that’s not the case.  But even if Google didn’t, the company is certainly the victor here.  I’m back to using Google AdWords as my primary keyword tool for copywriting, although I do check out Wordtracker from time to time as well.

I think if Microsoft truly wants to take Bing to the next level, they should create a keyword tool for that search engine. Let’s face it, it’s a little strange to do a search on Bing for “keyword tool” and see Google AdWords as the first sponsored listing, and the second organic listing (after Wordtracker).

Bye-bye, Spacky. It’s been nice knowing you.



3 thoughts on “Keyword Tool is MIA – What happened to Spacky.com?”

  1. I wonder when this happened?

    Spacky was a valuable tool for me, much faster and easier than Google’s Keyword Tool. I used it to build two of my sites last year, and, I’ll really miss it if I want to build another.

    Any ideas if there is a similar keyword tool around, or if Spacky may reappear under another name?

    1. I think it happened some time late last year. I don’t know if Spacky may reappear. I’ve been searching for something similar, and checking with other blogs to find out if they know something, but so far no such luck.

      Looks like your best alternative may be one from SEO Book. This tool bases its results on WordTracker, and you do have to become a free member of their site to access it. WordTracker offers a whole host of additional features with a paid subscription.

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