Blogging for Leads & Networking – Great Tools for Your Business

Talk about breaking out of your comfort zone.  That’s what I did yesterday – giving my first presentation to a room full of businessmen and women at a local networking group.

The topic: “Blogging for Leads.”  In my talk, I shared with the group how they can use blogs to attract prospects by sharing what they know, and building trust.

Now, I”m basically a shy person, who feels most comfortable behind the keyboard – not in front of an audience.  But getting involved in networking groups, where you can meet one-on-one with people, has helped me gain confidence.

In addition, talking in front of groups is a good way to promote yourself and your business, since you have an opportunity to demonstrate your expertise.  I hope I was able to do that.  But you be the judge by watching the video below.  Constructive criticism will be appreciated, just please… be gentle. 🙂