Gloria Rand’s Top Social Media, Marketing & SEO Posts for 2009

The end of the year is a perfect time to review blog stats. And that’s exactly what I did today, thanks to a suggestion from fellow copywriter Dianna Huff, who got the idea from Hubspot, which posted its own top inbound marketing posts for 2009.

Most of my top posts this year dealt with social media. No surprise there.  But my number one post featured information on where to find the best press release distribution sites that allow companies to post news releases for free.

The fact that this article topped the rest by a margin of more than two to one shows you how much interest companies have in finding cost-effective ways to market their products and services in these tough economic times.  I’ll keep this in mind in the coming year and will share whatever cost-saving tips I can find.

Here are the top ten posts of the forty I’ve written since beginning this blog in July, 2009.

1. Top 20 Press Release Distribution Sites Features a link to a website that had compiled a list of the top twenty sites that allow for free press release distribution.

2. Why I want to Win a Seat to the Copywriting Success Summit 2009 This was my contest entry for white paper copywriting guru Mike Stelzner’s Copywriting Success Summit 2009. Didn’t win, darn it!

3. Facebook Fan Page – A Cheap Marketing Tool I provided an explanation on how companies can use Facebook Fan pages for their business.

4. SEO Trend for 2010 – Making Best Use of the Title Tag A look at how you can use title tags to help enhance your website’s search engine ranking.

5. What’s ahead for 2010: Video Marketing This article talked about how and why businesses should make use of video in 2010 to market their products and services.

6. Local Search Directories Go Social This post talked about how local search directories are using social media to reach potential customers.

7. Online Video Viewing Habits & Projections I shared information from a webinar I attended which talked about online video viewing habits and projections for the use of video in the next few years.

8. “Big Brother” May be Friending You on Facebook This article talked about how the law enforcement agencies are taking a huge interest in social networking sites, and how that’s raising concerns about privacy issues.

9. Google Shuns Keyword Meta Tags A Search Engine Optimization (SEO) article dealing with the fact that Google is more interested in a website’s content for ranking purposes, rather than keyword meta tags.

10. Keeping Your Website on Top of Search Engine Ranks This post dealt with the importance of adding fresh content to your website to avoid seeing your search engine rank slip.

I look forward to sharing more information on marketing, social media and SEO in the coming year. Thanks for reading!