Look out Social Network Fans: The Spammers are Coming, the Spammers are Coming!

Just when you thought it was safe to Tweet and Facebook.  Don’t look now, but spam is starting to infiltrate your favorite social networks. Not satisfied with stuffing our email inboxes anymore, spammers are hopping on the social network bandwagon. And it’s not just unwanted marketing messages showing up, noooo.  It’s phishing and malicious malware.

If social networks don’t take action to increase their security and fight back, upstanding marketers may leave the social networks in the dust!

I’ve not surprised. Several times recently, I’ve finished reading an article or someone’s blog post on a LinkedIn group site, only to have a whole bunch of new windows start popping up all over my computer screen. I have to shut down my laptop to clear everything out.  It’s frustrating the heck out of me.

On the bright side, social networks and the federal government are starting to take action. MarketingVox recently noted that Facebook and MySpace are among the social networks stepping up their monitoring and prosecuting activities. And state attorneys general are also getting into the mix.  The article also warned social network members to be vigilant about putting too much personal information online.

I’d love to hear anyone else’s experience with social network spam. Maybe if we start voicing our complaints to the social networks, they will work harder to keep us safe.



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